Granny Margalit
Granny Margalit

A few days ago while wandering through virtual space I came across the blog “London Colling” by Boaz Cohen. Boaz is a musician, editor and transmitter on 88FM Radio and son to a Nash-didan family. He describes our community in his post from 2015, and describes the effects on his grandmother’s kitchen-“the food at my grandmother’s was a combination of the two kitchens, the Persian and the Turk. Stuffed sacks and rice with fruits and vegetables. The Nash-Didan are very fond of pistachios, almonds and nuts and walnuts are considered a kind of special delicacy and a super-food”.

Boaz describes his grandmother’s soup in words that I cannot write better:

One of the greatest pleasures in the winter, with my grandmother, in the neighborhood of the 1970s and 1980s, was to eat her walnut soup “Zir-a-Josh”. The Azar – Jews (“Nash Didan”) Believe that nuts are very healthy for the heart and loins, and nut soup make you a strong ox, and you, lady, to wonder-woman, even if you recently gave birth and you lay in your bed near to your baby breastfeeding ten times a day. But wait. We are in the business of winter, nuts and nuts-soup. Here is the secret recipe, which was extracted (not without effort) from my grandmother, Grandma Margalit, who turned 101 in winter.

The secret recipe for nuts-soup is brought here (and thanks to Boaz Cohen for sharing and approval):

Granny Margalit’s nut soup

Traditional Nut-soup, in a recipe shared by Boaz-Cohen in his blog "London Calling"
Prep Time50 mins
Course: Soup
Cuisine: Nash Didan
Servings: 6 Epprox.
Author: Boaz Cohen


  • 2 Cup Walnuts
  • 4 Eggs Grandma's warm recommendation: Organic freedom eggs, because captive chickens lay bad eggs
  • 4 tbsp Sugar Grandma's recommendation: Organic brown sugar, heavy, moist and real, unprocessed
  • 1 tsp butter


  • Take a medium pot and slightly soak its bottom with quality olive oil. Bounce the nuts a little – and emphasize * a little *! – Be careful not to fry the nuts.
  • ill half of the medium pot with boiled water and pour the nuts into the pot. Let them cook for 15-20 minutes. If you have a very good quality butter, you can add a small piece for the taste.
  • Now comes the good part: Carefully scrabble the 4 eggs, carefully and while the nuts are bubbling in the water, add the eggs and stir slowly and well, continually, until the soup becomes… soup. That is (says my grandmother) until its clear to you by the texture that it is … soup.


  • Pour into deep bowls and add, according to your personal taste, any extras. Banana cut into thin slices, 2 dark chocolate cubes, a tablespoon of nutella (my favorite addition), a touch of white whipped cream, almonds or pine nuts.
    You can also use yogurt (MD)

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